Center table - model Pavia - soft edge

luxury marble center table

Model Pavia- soft edge is a luxury center table with a modern design steel frame. The shape of the natural stone top is elegant with a handcrafted outside edge of only 1cm thickness. The maximimum size is 120x70x40cm. 


The powder coated steel frame is available in black, white and gold. For your convience the natural stone is divided in 3 price levels; from economical to highly exlusive. Scroll down to see the prices.


For a specific offer you can use the contact button and please mention: model - material and color frame and we get back with our best offer including a photo of  the marble which we have selected for you.





PNS Living - natural stone group 1

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PNS Living - natural stone group 2

PNS Living - natural stone group 3

Prices marble center table model Pavia -soft edge


Center table Pavia - softe edge 120x70x40cm with a marble or granite top from the 3 groups listed above:

Pavia-soft edge  price group 1             € 1.590 (VAT included)

Pavia-soft edge price group 2             € 1.660 (VAT included)

Pavia-soft edge  price group 3            € 1.760 (VAT included) 




Table model Pavia soft edge with Cafe Mokka marble as shown on photo: € 1.660 (VAT included)